DeFi Crowdfunding for Visionary Ideas. $PGGY CrowdLaunch Fuels Innovation through Community-Driven Funding. 

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About $PGGY

$PGGY is a governance token for CrowdLaunch, a community-driven platform dedicated to supporting visionary minds facing financial challenges using Decentralized crowdfunding. Through the power of blockchain technology, we provide funding and support to those with brilliant ideas, empowering them to pursue their dreams and drive innovation forward.

Join us on our mission to redefine crowdfunding using blockchain.

$PGGY Roadmap


$pGGY Foundation

Establish our online presence with the launch of our website, release the Whitepaper to outline our project's vision and tokenomics, Develop Private Sale portal and engage with supporters through community-building efforts on social media and forums.


Launch and Development

Launch the $PGGY token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and decentralized exchanges, form strategic partnerships with Crowdfunding platforms to expand awareness of $PGGY, and begin initial development work on core $PGGY voting & governance platform.


DeFi Platform Prelaunch

Secure listings on centralized exchanges to increase liquidity, develop initial governance platform and integrate with other crowdfunding platforms to expand $PGGY's reach. Along with implementing community governance mechanisms for token holders.


DeFi Platform Public Launch

Launch of $PGGY DeFi Crowdfunding Platform for public use. Reward initiatives to give back to early investors and supporters. Platform governance becomes autonomous, public users will be able to submit, vote, and claim their project returns.


$PGGY CrowdChain Integration

Allocate resources from tokenomics to develop $PGGY CrowdChain. A Network dedicated $PGGY Governance platform. establish a transparent network for selecting and funding projects with automatic funding recall after funding deadline

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Passionate about blockchain and want to make a difference? We’re looking for talented individuals to join our team! Reach out to explore opportunities